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Welcome to Dawn May Books

6 and a half years on and still going … well, not exactly “strong” but not bad.

Nordic Walking, yoga, PD Warrior style exercises, Irish set dancing and boxing – oh and now a Personal Trainer to co-ordinate it all, I’m fitter than I ever was.

Like all People with Parkinson’s, I have my ups and downs. I’m going to the Italian lakes Β in November for a week, to the European Parkinson Therapy Centre to “re-align myself”. It’s difficult to stay positive always, but I do my best. If you need a friendly ear, drop me a mail. You don’t have buy a book!

A new book is on the way, I hope in readiness for Christmas. Just nagging my illustrator to tie up the loose ends. I’ll bet you can’t wait!

And it isn’t about Parkinson’s because we do have a life as well.


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