Volunteer Educator training

Hello there. Thank you to Wendy Chandler for organising and presenting this fascinating session this morning, Thursday 29th June.  So much work still to do, to raise awareness of PD and how it affects PwPs, whether living at home independently, with Care Providers in attendance or in a Residential or Nursing home. Mail wchandler@parkinsons.org.uk for more information. You could be a “Personal Perpective Educator Volunteer” where you accompany an educator and illustrate their presentation with your own life story. Or you could be really brave and take on the Educator role yourself. Writing children’s stories is one way to raise awareness, but not the only one.

Take a look at https://www.madeinbristol.tv/catchup/?c=lifestyle&p=x4ug71&v=x5s09q4

Catch up – Monday 26th June – Scroll on to about 47 minutes – or enjoy Ichi’s music first 😉

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