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“The brilliance of “Does it hurt, Granny?” …

Dear Dawn

I gave my son your book to read to his children – now six and eight, to see how they reacted, as up to now, they had not asked many questions, although they do know that their granny has Parkinson’s.  Here are his comments….

“The brilliance of “Does it Hurt Granny?” is that the starting point is that Granny is still Granny. Granny can do everything she has always done…but occasionally needs a bit more help. It doesn’t hide from the realities of what it is involved, but it does it in a thoughtful, gentle and realistic way, acknowledge both the positives with the inevitabilities. I found it incredibly easy and soothing to read with my kids – helping express the words about my mother that I find so hard to say myself and helping my kids to understand that Granny is still Granny – the same Granny that they know and love with all their heart, but every now and then, we just need to give her a bit more love and support. Thank you for writing it – it has been an enormous help to me and my family”.

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