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Thank you Reading Buddies from Badock’s Wood school

Thank you to year 6 Reading Buddies, Cain, Faisal, Sebastian, Mason, Matda, Taya, Crystal, Chayanne, Logan and Nathan for your enthusiastic welcome on Monday.
Thank you, too, to your very special teacher, Mrs Knight and to Mrs Pitt, for inviting me.

I will send Mrs Knight some of my poems for you to illustrate. The illustrations will have to be dark enough for me to be able to scan them.
Shall we try to get them published?

I hope you enjoy sharing the books with younger pupils in the school.

If you, or any other pupils, want to know more about Parkinson’s, please look at this link on my website

Parkinson’s on KidsHealth.org

or go to Parkinson’s UK home page and browse around.

My very best wishes


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