“Steady On, Granny”

This is sold as part of the beautiful new 5 volume set, “Does it hurt, Granny? And other stories.”

Granny goes a bit mad.

She’s still driving and she wants to do all the things she always enjoyed doing before her Parkinson’s diagnosis. She’s not ready to slow down quite yet.

On a good day, she can still run, ice skate ( with a bit of a hand from Jake), ride on the dodgems and swim far too far out to sea. Come back, Granny!

Of course there are bad days too but Granny’s dog Spike could do with a knitted hat and scarf! Jake and Granny get into a bit of a tangle, but Spike seems pleased!

In the next book “Cheer Up, Granny” Jake is getting a bit older and starting to notice Granny has more slow days. And she doesn’t seem to laugh as much.

He is ready!

£12.00 + £2.50 shipping within the UK. Please contact us for international shipping.

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