“I’ll Do It, Granny”

This is sold as part of the beautiful new 5 volume set, “Does it hurt, Granny? And other stories.”


Our grandchildren want to help out, don’t they, however small they are and especially since they know we have Parkinson’s.

And so it is with Jake. He gives a hand as Granny cooks ( and washes up afterwards!), he offers his help in the garden ( after all, what IS a weed?), he wants to help Granny to put up a fence (now that’s a challenge!). And when it comes to shopping, well Granny won’t have to carry it all home now Jake has shown her the wonders of internet shopping!

This second book is again a warm reminder of how the old and the young share the enjoyment of doing things together. We have cakes baked and shopping ordered, the garden weeded and a fence installed. How proud they both must be.

And what about the Parkinson’s? Well, do you notice it? Does Jake?

Granny won’t let it get in the way, so “Steady on, Granny”.

In this third book, Jake isn’t so sure he wants to be as mad as his granny.

We all have bad days. Sometimes Granny is sad and Jake does his best to make her laugh. “Cheer up, Granny” is book 4.

And at last Jake sums up the courage to ask Granny “Can we talk about it?”. He has so many questions he wants to ask her. “Will I get it?” “Will it get worse?””Can I tell my friends about it?” What a relief for Granny. Yes, of course we can talk about it. We MUST talk about it.

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