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Final Countdown to World Parkinson’s Congress Portland

It’s only 5 days away and now it’s starting to feel real. 500 copies of the new book are arriving on Thursday – I hope – and at 4 a.m. on Friday, we leave.
Today I am going to re-write this website, with the help of son Julian. It has more new views every day, but nothing is happening on it. But wait for it …
Did I say I was going to post every day? I’d better have something more interesting than this to say, then.
” … be there dragons …?” The roaring woke me up this morning, an unusually clear, bright morning with 2 large red hot air balloons right above the house. By the time I had fumbled about, found my phone – and my glasses – the balloons were too far away to see clearly. But the roar took me back to the early days of the Balloon Fiesta when up to 100 hot air balloons would come this way, 3 at a time over the house. Why the change since then? Change in wind direction caused by … the jet stream? El Nino? climate change? My memory? Ha!
On this very special “National Grandparents’ Day”, I shall be positive. To those of you lucky enough to have and to hold, Happy Day.

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