Crowdfunding campaign

My first book “Does it hurt, Granny?” was self-published and self-funded. A “Relentless optimist”, I had supposed Parkinson’s UK would promote my effort, add links to the book on their website and gratefully accept the profits which would roll in.

I should have been more cautious.

I had written 5 stories all together, almost immediately after diagnosis. I wanted to be honest about the development of the condition, but to reassure my readers – and myself – that life can go on lovingly, with understanding and acceptance.

I had not even covered my costs on “Does it hurt, Granny?” and so I embarked on a crowd funding project to fund my second story, “I’ll Do It, Granny”. This was supported by the crowd funding organisation hubbub and together we raised about two thirds of the total costs of illustrating, printing and distributing the book. Many thanks to all those who participated. I did not and have not taken any payment myself for my time or my work.

This link takes you to the hubbub page. The crowd funding campaign closed in 2014, but you may be interested to read about how it went and why I feel it is so important to include children in our efforts to manage our condition.

I’ll Do It, Granny on hubbub.

There’s also a short video, where I explain, with the help of an 18 month-old Luca, why I wrote the books.

And I still have many volumes unsold. It occurred to me, once again, that the logic of the stories was in the development of Granny’s condition and how she and Jake manage it.

So now I have decided, supported financially by my ever-indulgent husband David, to complete the 5 volume edition, aware I may never cover my costs, but passionate as ever that my message is too important to leave unsaid. 2 of the remaining 3 stories are ready to publish. The 5 volume edition should be ready for the beginning of September 2016.

I hit the World Parkinson’s Congress in Portland, Oregon at the end of September, book in hand and fingers crossed. I hope they like it.

The remaining single volumes are on display in various local businesses in Bristol, alongside a donation tin for Parkinson’s UK. I am, very kindly in the circumstances I feel, donating these books to the cause. People have been very generous, often offering much more than their small change for their free copy.

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