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Crowd funding is now complete – many, many thanks

So here we go, volume 2 is on its way.
It should be ready by Christmas, so if you’re looking to add to your children’s library, at home or at school or anywhere else πŸ™‚ , here’s an idea for you.
100% of the profits from the sale of these Jake and Granny books will go to Parkinson’s – after printing, illustration, layout costs are covered. And nothing for me πŸ™ except the satisfaction of having raised awareness of Parkinson’s.

My journey is Granny’s journey, early days much the same as before in “Does it hurt, Granny?”
The protection and love of my grandson in “I’ll do it, Granny”
The crazy determination to do it while I still can in “Steady On, Granny”
The days when things aren’t that easy in “Cheer Up, Granny” and
The face-to-face honesty, as Jake is a little older and asks the questions he hasn’t wanted to before in “Can we talk about it?”

The text is written.
The books will appear slowly, as the symptoms of Parkinson’s will.

I hope you will follow our progress and support us all the way.

Thank you.

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