“Cheer Up, Granny”

This is sold as part of the beautiful new 5 volume set, “Does it hurt, Granny? And other stories.”

Jake and Granny still enjoy each other’s company, even though there aren’t as many outings these days.

Jake starts to be Granny’s protector, playfully fighting off that Parkinson’s with his light sabre, doing wheelies in the back garden when the expected bike ride would be too much for Granny, racing home with Spike to pick some flowers from the garden – oops, not maybe the ones Granny would have wanted, but never mind – and decorating the walls of Granny’s house with his … art.

There is the beginning of the realisation that things are changing. But Jake and Granny are such good friends that, by now, the disability won’t come between them. How could it? They are ready to talk about it, next.

Again, the illustrations are bright and humorous. How could Granny fail to be cheery?

£12.00 + £2.50 shipping within the UK. Please contact us for international shipping.


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