“Can we talk about it?”

This is sold as part of the beautiful new 5 volume set, “Does it hurt, Granny? And other stories.”

Jake really wants to know all about his Granny’s Parkinson’s, now. He has some questions he wants answers to.

His mum and dad have told him bits and pieces, but he wants to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Granny is getting slower, and she keeps dropping things and then she gets cross with herself. Can we talk about it?

If by now your children or grandchildren want some more answers, here they are.

The Parkinson’s UK website has some more detailed information.

My series of books is an oblique look at Parkinson’s, not a textbook giving information. I believe that communicating frightening things needn’t bring fear.

I hope your children and grandchildren have enjoyed my books and that the dialogue is easier as a result of sharing them with you.

£12.00 + £2.50 shipping within the UK. Please contact us for international shipping.


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