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Buddy binge ahead of Portland, Oregon

I have a “Buddy” called Melody. Shhh – we are members of  “Secret Group”, by invitation only. Neither of us has been very prolific on the site. I had a mail reminding me. So this morning, I have had a “buddy binge” and it feels so good … partly cathartic, expunging my guilt, no doubt. I have ” liked” and “commented” on lots of events, posts and people. Click, click, click. I spent a good couple of hours, bingeing. There were some fascinating posts, videos, testimonies. And I was humbled. We here in the UK have a bit of a “Monty Python” mind-set. A ready laugh, a cynical remark,  just a little bit of mockery – lighten up. So it was a sobering moment spent reading of a 21 year-old diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s, an 83 year old who has walked the distance from his home town to Portland, covering 12 miles every day for the last two and a half years, as a homage to his wife, who has PD. Partners of 20 years or more, still laughing together, a newly-diagnosed young man, learning to control the volume of his voice and the clarity of his speech, so that he could propose to his beautiful fiancee. I shall be at the “Buddies meet-up”. Looking forward to meeting you, Melody.

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