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Jake and Granny books

Now all 5 titles in one beautiful volume. “Does it hurt, Granny? and other stories”

Available from 1st September 2016.
Trace Granny and Jake’s journey, from first diagnosis, through Jake’s helping hand, Granny’s wild and wilful madcap behaviour, Jake’s attempts to cheer her up until finally, they can talk about it.



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Billy books

“You can’t say f**”!!       – Billy tells his Dad.

You know you can’t!

But why not? A child’s view of political correctness.

Coming soon

Billy has a plan – and the grown-ups just don’t get it. An admiring nod at the tenacity and vision of this little boy.

What’s Cooking? – Let Billy and his friends loose in the nursery kitchen and you never know what might be on its way. 

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