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Thank you Reading Buddies from Badock’s Wood school

Thank you to year 6 Reading Buddies, Cain, Faisal, Sebastian, Mason, Matda, Taya, Crystal, Chayanne, Logan and Nathan for your enthusiastic welcome on Monday.
Thank you, too, to your very special teacher, Mrs Knight and to Mrs Pitt, for inviting me.

I will send Mrs Knight some of my poems for you to illustrate. The illustrations will have to be dark enough for me to be able to scan them.
Shall we try to get them published?

I hope you enjoy sharing the books with younger pupils in the school.

If you, or any other pupils, want to know more about Parkinson’s, please look at this link on my website

Parkinson’s on KidsHealth.org

or go to Parkinson’s UK home page and browse around.

My very best wishes


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Parkinson’s Awareness Week – Up The Friendly

BBC Radio Bristol i:v11073063_875525342504573_8697718068993864547_o

BBC Radio Bristol i:v

Click on the link above the photo, scroll on to 2hrs 09 mins and there you have it!
Why the books? Who are they for? Where can you get them from? What’s happening this week for P.A.W.?

Thanks to Vernon Harwood for BBC Radio Bristol interview during P.A.W.
Sympathetic, personal and informative.
Thank you for your encouragement.
Can I ask you to buy the books? Please?
100% of the profits to Parkinson’s.

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“Buy and Donate”

Do you have both copies of the Jake and Granny” books? I know, I know, still waiting! Printing in progress – bookmarks, postcards, lovely customised first class stamps you won’t want to use – and beautiful A4 and A3 prints for the big spenders 😉

Do you want to keep them? If you don’t 🙁 why not pass the books on to your local primary school? Parkinson’s UK now have a campaign “Use Your Head” for Awareness Week 20-24th April. Schools will love you

See http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/use-your-head-parkinsons

AND if you don’t have a book, look, you can now get BOTH books for £12 instead of £7.99 each. WOW!

Please consider this “buy and donate”, to raise money for Parkinson’s research and services, and to raise awareness in schools and your local community.

Thanks, folks.

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Another “great initiative”

So, volume 2 is very nearly ready. I’ll bet you can’t wait. Once it’s out there, you’ll have to be quick. Pre-orders are rolling in. And thank you to all my crowd funders. Your copies will be the first to go out. And yours are free, of course, together with your bookmarks, e-books, illustrated wallpaper, post cards, A4 or A3 posters, hardback copies – check your rewards on hubbub.

Then the next great initiative is to offer you both volumes for £12, normally £7.99 each. If you already have “Does it hurt, Granny?”, PLEASE donate it to your local primary school. Little children can share the stories without sadness. Follow this page.

Thank you.

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“I’ll do it, Granny” – update

Nearly done 🙂

A few edits on the illustrations, and by mid-November, you will be able to get your hands on this next volume of the Jake and Granny books.

It’s light and humorous and I know you will love it.

If you helped to crowd-fund it, sorry for the delay. We wanted it to be … just perfect for you.

Books and your other rewards will be sorted and sent before Christmas.

Thank you, again for all your support.


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Crowd funding is now complete – many, many thanks

So here we go, volume 2 is on its way.
It should be ready by Christmas, so if you’re looking to add to your children’s library, at home or at school or anywhere else 🙂 , here’s an idea for you.
100% of the profits from the sale of these Jake and Granny books will go to Parkinson’s – after printing, illustration, layout costs are covered. And nothing for me 🙁 except the satisfaction of having raised awareness of Parkinson’s.

My journey is Granny’s journey, early days much the same as before in “Does it hurt, Granny?”
The protection and love of my grandson in “I’ll do it, Granny”
The crazy determination to do it while I still can in “Steady On, Granny”
The days when things aren’t that easy in “Cheer Up, Granny” and
The face-to-face honesty, as Jake is a little older and asks the questions he hasn’t wanted to before in “Can we talk about it?”

The text is written.
The books will appear slowly, as the symptoms of Parkinson’s will.

I hope you will follow our progress and support us all the way.

Thank you.

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Blog away granny dawn

Sitting in the sun, waiting for Luca to wake up.

So much to say, but first of all, the medium.

A blog?  It’s my open diary.

And now, there’s Billy, who doesn’t have a granny with Parkinson’s, but is just a happy little boy who makes me laugh. And a jolly good thing that is, too.

“Delightfully simple, beautifully illustrated, and just a little bit naughty. What more could you want in a children’s picture book?”

See “You can’t say f**”  – not what you think. BUY “You can’s say f**”.

Enjoy “You can’t say f**”

Thank you, billy.

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The first “Billy book”, “You can’t say f**” is now available from this website.

Or if you prefer, please ask your local bookshop and children’s library to stock the book, if you can’t find it there.

The second Billy book, “What’s cooking?” is on the stove, hot on the heels of the first.

£4.50 + £2 p+p from the website.

50p from the sale of each book will go to Parkinson’s, for research and services.


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Crowdfunding for I’ll Do It, Granny is LIVE

We’ve launched the crowdfunding campaign for I’ll Do It, Granny!

I’ll Do It, Granny on hubbub.

Along with some amazing and incredible rewards, you can get the book itself from just £10.

There’s a great video explaining the books in more detail – check it out now.

The crowd funding campaign was successful – with thanks to you all. We are now going ahead with publication of this 2nd “Jake and Granny” book.
Massive thanks to hubbub – and to the tireless Sophia Duffy, without whom none of this could have happened.

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