Beloved Characters


Jonathan MayJake is a lovely little boy, aged 7 years or so, who likes to spend time at week ends and in the school holidays with his granny. He is energetic and lively, loving to swim and cycle and play tennis – and explore the woods and seaside for shells and stones, bugs and leaves.

I had a little boy just like that, who could never do enough exploring and sharing with anyone who had the time to spend with him.

His name is Jonathan and the character of Jake has so much of him inside.

Here he is at 2 years old.



DawnMayWell, I suppose Granny is me, certainly as I should like to be for my very young grandson, Luca. My Parkinson’s Disease is still in the early stages and all the things I loved to do with my 3 boys, Ben, Luca’s dad, Jonathan and Julian, I should like to still have the energy to do with Luca. I am determined that I shall have.


Luca aged 18 months

LucaThe book is dedicated to Luca, Ben’s son and my first grandchild. Until his move abroad, we used to see each other every week and we have developed that special bond which lasts for ever. Roll on the tennis!




Luca aged ( very nearly) 4 years old

img_1079 Look who won the “guess the weight of the cake” – and won the cake too?

Actually, it was Annie, but who could resist that smile of triumph? No letting go of that cake for anyone! We had to take it home on the bus!

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