A very satisfied customer

I found your books absolutely delightful, with such a light touch.  The illustrations are wonderful and tell the story so well.  I very much like the way you have gradually approached some of the more obvious effects of Parkinson’s over the five books. The messages are delivered clearly but gently and important points (eg “it doesn’t hurt”, “today is just a bad day”, “you cheer me up”, “let’s talk about it” etc.) are very effectively emphasised with simple repetition.

To be able to share  activities with one’s grandchildren is a joy and I love the excitement and happiness that emanates from the pages when you are together with your grandson.  Whether you are having an energetic and good day or a gentler time on a bad one, this happiness is tangible and the drawings demonstrate very clearly the love between you.

Difficult days are not shied away from and, consequently, are accepted when they do occur.  As grandson and grandmother are regularly doing things together, grandson feels included and useful, even when Granny is having a bad day and can’t do very much.

Your book covers so much in a relaxed way, leading to increased understanding at the child’s pace – a useful resource for both parents and their children and grandchildren.   To my mind, your positive, cheerful approach to open discussion is absolutely the right way forward.

The last 2 pages are wonderfully positive and warm.  Both Granny and Grandson look relaxed and happy and their hug says it all – “yes, we will talk about it” and “no, we won’t let it get in our way”.

Very happy New Year and best wishes Su”

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