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A “New” testimonial, from 2014

I snagged a copy of Dawn’s wonderful book to pass the time, 27 Sept. 2014
By Constance Williams – See all my reviews
This review is from: Does It Hurt, Granny? (Paperback)
I came across this book completely by accident. Fortune placed me on a stand next to the author at a local event today and in some down time between talking to passers by, I snagged a copy of Dawn’s wonderful book to pass the time.

What a fabulous move! I will be the first to admit that I am probably not the intended audience. I’m a thirty-something without children, but it doesn’t take much to be able to see what a fabulous resource this book is. A simple, child-centred look at why granny may sometimes have problems doing things because she has Parkinsons, ‘Does It Hurt, Granny’ approaches the subject from a very positive ‘can do’ angle. It stresses all the things that someone living with Parkinsons can still achieve, illustrating (quite beautifully – this book is sublime for the art alone!) that ‘Granny’ is so much more than her disease and that she still has all the wants and loves and desires of every other person, whilst stressing that, some days ‘Granny’ will have a bad day and that on those days, she needs understanding and the knowledge that that bad day is just a day – tomorrow may be better.

I found this approach to the subject sensitive to both the person with Parkinsons, and the need of children to be able to understand without being scared. It is also a great way in to explaining what’s going on for all of those children who are related to people who have Parkinsons, but where they are still living very independent lives.

I would recommend this book to everyone (I know I learned from it as well!) and hope that it will start appearing in schools and children’s groups.

(Note: I didn’t know I was actually talking to the author until well after I had formulated my opinion of this book!)

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