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This book will soon be available on Amazon.  DawnMayBooks is no longer trading as a company, so I’m not selling books from this site. The contents of the site may still be of interest to you – the biography, the description of each of the 5 stories collected here in one volume – so please do take a look. If you are affected in any way by Parkinson’s and would like to chat, please contact me via WhatsApp and I will add you to my DawnMayBooks group, if that is appropriate.


“Does it hurt, Granny?” and other stories – now a 5 volume edition, containing “Does it hurt, Granny?”, “I’ll Do It, Granny”, “Steady On, Granny”, “Cheer Up, Granny” and “Can we talk about it?”

These stories will help those affected by Parkinson’s to begin a dialogue with the children whom they care about. Bright, humorous, upbeat and honest. A diagnosis of Parkinson’s need not bring despair.

  • It is humbling - To be constantly called “inspirational” is truly humbling. I want to encourage others with Parkinson’s to keep on going, to join in with our activities, to stay well, to share their experiences, their struggles, their frustrations and their triumphs. I want those people who work and live alongside us to[...]
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